benefits from a college degree

People on reddit act like they have never done anything bad or sinned. Hunt has no history of doing these things, he has a girlfriend, who hes never touched. This is a situation where there was an external conflict, with two aggressors. Hypothetically, if the poorest academic performing 50,000 students didn go to college, and that meant 2,000 fewer college graduates but also 48,000 fewer people who didn spend the time and money without a diploma at the end, I would be willing to consider that a good thing. Obviously, this is all contingent on actual numbers. What is the graduation rate of the bottom performers? How much does it actually hurt one lifetime earnings or social welfare to go to college but not graduate? There does seem to be enough info on how much one benefits from a college degree (though I have only seen correlative data), but little to nothing on my previous two questions..

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Basically you have to look at RPGing as one of your cultural activities, the way generations past looked at church, or extended family gatherings, or neighborhood events, or various regular farming chores, or sporting team commitments. If you want it to work, you have to commit to making it work. It won just happen on its own..

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